Boarding Home, Ministry, Pilgrimage

The St John the Russian Fund took the young and adult patients of residential care facilities for the mentally challenged on a journey to St Elisha Laŭryšava Monastery on July 22 and a trip to Holy Annunciation Monastery in Malyja Liady on July 28. The volunteers place a lot of

Serving God by Serving People

Lay and monastic sisters have worked hand in hand in the Sisterhood of St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk for over two decades. Following in the footsteps of their heavenly patroness and with the blessing of the Very Rev Andrew Lemeshonok, the spiritual father of St Elisabeth Convent, the sisters carry

A Special Garden for Special Children

A special sensory garden for special children is being launched in the Boarding Home for Children with Special Needs with the support of St Elisabeth Convent. This is what Andrey Zhdanovich, the principal of this facility, told us, “The garden will be divided in five parts, each of which will

Cute Animals To Cuddle

Is there anyone who doesn’t know how useful equine therapy may be for the sick? Early childhood autism, oligophrenia, and cerebral palsy are hard to treat with traditional methods. Children who suffer from these severe illnesses especially benefit from therapeutic horse riding. In addition to health benefits, the children simply

A Home for the Homeless

The Sisterhood provides rehabilitation for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. In addition to that, we help the homeless or recently released prisoners. There is a rehabilitation centre for men since 2000 in v. Lysaja Hara 19 miles from Minsk. Approx. 200 brothers stay here under the monastic

Saint Elisabeth Convent. The Story

The Sisterhood in honour of the Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth was established in Minsk in 1996 when the Rev Andrew Lemeshonok and several parishioners of SS Peter and Paul Cathedral began to pay regular visits to severely ill patients of city hospitals, including the National Psychiatric Hospital. Three years