Tempera Icon

In the icon-painting workshop of St Elisabeth Convent the icons are created with love, prayer and immense attention to each detail. The workshop’s craftspeople are inspired by the Russian and Byzantine icons of XII-XV centuries. The icon painters work with veneration, thinking not only of the image’s outer beauty, but

Radiant Charm of Glass

Glass is difficult to handle and work with. One has to have great professional skills and a profound knowledge base to succeed. But the efforts are worth it – as a result we get the items of fairytale beauty shining and enchanting us by color passages. Glass has special relationship

Overglaze decal – technique and works

It is not easy to imagine how much patient work, love and inspiration the painters of the ceramics workshop put into their tender, delicate and cozy ware: tea mugs and causer sets, services and other decal decorated utensils. Decal is the ceramics decorating technique based on the principle of the

The Beauty of Overglaze Painting

The ceramics workshop of St Elisabeth Сonvent has been bringing joy to its consumers for 15 years with their amazing ware. The manufacturing cycle starts with the creation of the artwork design and finishes with a vibrant miracle in the craftsman’s hands. The articles covered with overglaze painting are admired

In Our Candle Workshop

There’s no convent without a candle workshop. It goes without saying that St Elisabeth Convent has one. We produce church candles made of wax and paraffin and manufacture special candles for weddings. You can also use some as souvenirs.   The flame of a candle is very similar to the

Passcase Wallet for Men

All the goods made of natural & imitation leather in the convent are produced in our Rehabilitation Centre for men. It’s a very special place where people with anything but simple fate live and work . Each of them has experienced a lot of pain and suffering, many losses and

Eco Toys for Kids

There is one more workshop with products for kids in the convent – a textile one. Pillows, toys and perfect textile are produced there. Signature features of the workshop are bright design, natural materials and artful union of current trends and Russian traditions. The eco toys produced in the workshop

Inspired by Light. Angel Stained Glass Panel

There is a workshop in our Convent that rekindles your best childhood memories. It’s the GLASS WORKSHOP. Its products look like they’ve just jumped off the pages of children’s books. They are exciting because they are simple and unassuming. From a Sketch to a Finished Product It is no accident

BeloRussian Nesting Dolls

We begin a series of reviews on the products made in our workshops today. There are over 30 workshops in St Elisabeth Convent now. Each workshop makes unique, moving, and useful products. Toy painting workshop is one of the most outstanding ones. Our artists make colourful souvenirs, Christmas Tree toys,

Charity Fairs: Ministry of Good Deeds

Heart 2 Heart Festival aims to reveal how the Orthodox Church interacts with the contemporary society in numerous ways, which serves to prove that the Orthodox faith is experiencing a revival. We do our best to show the diversity and beauty of the Orthodox culture. Unique products of the workshops

How an Icon Is Born?

There was a meeting with Hieromonk Luke from Xenophontos Monastery (Holy Mount Athos) in St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk on May 25, 2018. Hieromonk Luke is an icon painter and a jeweller. He taught a brief practical lesson on painting icons with tempera.   The process of painting an icon

Discover the Secrets of Ancient Mosaics

Heart 2 Heart Festival and mosaic artists of St Elisabeth Convent invite you to take part in workshop sessions* on mosaics to be held in London on July 3 and July 5-8. Making a mosaic is a really enchanting process. The participants will have the chance to make a mosaic