The Beauty of Overglaze Painting

The ceramics workshop of St Elisabeth Сonvent has been bringing joy to its consumers for 15 years with their amazing ware. The manufacturing cycle starts with the creation of the artwork design and finishes with a vibrant miracle in the craftsman’s hands. The articles covered with overglaze painting are admired


1812 troops gunfire, clanking of the swords of the Medieval knights and Roman legionaries, festive fireworks – that’s how the site of “Mensk Starazhytny”, a festival of history and culture, echoed around the capital of Belarus. This year among the craftspeople of  the festival’s Town of All Trades a stall

Autumn “Joy”

The International Orthodox Festival “Joy” will throw the doors open on September, 8‒18 in the Minsk Palace of Arts (3 Kozlova St.). It has been a regular event held by the sisters of St Elisabeth Convent since the autumn of 2017. “Joy” is a continuation of the festival “Kladez”. The

“Mensk Starazhytny”: Ancient Minsk

On the second Saturday of September Minsk residents celebrate the City Day. The programme of the events dedicated to this holiday promises to be very diverse. So according to an existing tradition a festival of history and culture “Mensk Starazhytny” (Ancient Minsk) will take place on September, 8 as part

Dormition of Theotokos. History and Traditions

On August 28 according to the new style (Julian calendar) and August 15 according to the old style (Gregorian calendar) Orthodox Christians celebrate the Feast of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary. It is one of the twelve major feasts of the Orthodox Church.

Eco Toys for Kids

There is one more workshop with products for kids in the convent – a textile one. Pillows, toys and perfect textile are produced there. Signature features of the workshop are bright design, natural materials and artful union of current trends and Russian traditions. The eco toys produced in the workshop

Take up Your Cross

MOUNT GRABARKA has been one of the most prominent sacred places in the Orthodox regions of Poland. Thousands of pilgrims from all over the world visit this mountain every year. They come here to thank God for his miracles and quietly ask him to bless the intentions of their hearts,

Boarding Home, Ministry, Pilgrimage

The St John the Russian Fund took the young and adult patients of residential care facilities for the mentally challenged on a journey to St Elisha Laŭryšava Monastery on July 22 and a trip to Holy Annunciation Monastery in Malyja Liady on July 28. The volunteers place a lot of

Inspired by Light. Angel Stained Glass Panel

There is a workshop in our Convent that rekindles your best childhood memories. It’s the GLASS WORKSHOP. Its products look like they’ve just jumped off the pages of children’s books. They are exciting because they are simple and unassuming. From a Sketch to a Finished Product It is no accident

Heart 2 Heart Festival in London: Looking Back

Hearty meetings, events, tea parties, and exhibitions have long been an integral part of our Heart 2 Heart Festival. Our Festival was open to the inhabitants and visitors of the British capital on July 3-8. Festival events were hosted by the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Great Britain and St

BeloRussian Nesting Dolls

We begin a series of reviews on the products made in our workshops today. There are over 30 workshops in St Elisabeth Convent now. Each workshop makes unique, moving, and useful products. Toy painting workshop is one of the most outstanding ones. Our artists make colourful souvenirs, Christmas Tree toys,

Batleika: A Tale of the Belarusian Soul

Batleika Theatre is one of the earliest types of the Belarusian popular art. The traditions of the medieval theatre are being revived and make people happy again. Heart 2 Heart Festival is no exception: Batleika Theatre has been a firmly established part of its programme for several years now. Batleika