St Elisabeth Convent Workshops

Blacksmith’s Shop in St Elisabeth Convent

Blacksmith’s Shop: The Pounding Heart of Our Rehabilitation Centre

People used to say that a village couldn’t live without a blacksmith’s shop. Indeed, while the parish church was the soul of the village, the blacksmith’s shop was its heart. The craft of a blacksmith was a family business, passed on from one generation to the next. Blacksmiths were reluctant 


Inspired by Light. Angel Stained Glass Panel

Inspired by Light. Angel Stained Glass Panel

There is a workshop in our Convent that rekindles your best childhood memories. It’s the GLASS WORKSHOP. Its products look like they’ve just jumped off the pages of children’s books. They are exciting because they are simple and unassuming.   From a Sketch to a Finished Product It is no 


BeloRussian Nesting Dolls

BeloRussian Nesting Dolls

We begin a series of reviews on the products made in our workshops today. There are over 30 workshops in St Elisabeth Convent now. Each workshop makes unique, moving, and useful products. Toy painting workshop is one of the most outstanding ones. Our artists make colourful souvenirs, Christmas Tree toys 


St Elisabeth Convent has launched a special project titled “DOBRODEL”

Changing Lives and Transforming the World: Less Able People Get Jobs

St Elisabeth Convent has launched a special project titled “DOBRODEL” (he who does good) aimed at providing jobs for the disabled. It lets them to break through the obstacles and barriers posed to them by our society and re-integrate into the larger world by doing something to sustain themselves 


Mosaic workshops in St Elisabeth Convent Minsk Belarus

Mosaic: You Have to Step Back to See the Full Picture

The art of mosaic used for decoration of church interior was forgotten for a very long time. Nowadays, it enjoys a revival. One of the few mosaic workshops in the former USSR has been running in St Elisabeth Convent in Minsk for more than fifteen years. To be exact, mosaic