Theology in Colour

The Heart 2 Heart Festival continues to help the European audiences discover the amazing art of icon painting. The first workshop session this year will be held on April 24 – 26 in Preston, England (Harris Museum & Art. Gallery Market Square, Preston). 


Masterpieces made in the Icon Painting Studios of St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk) have long become emblematic of the Convent, known far beyond the borders of Belarus.

Workshop sessions on icon painting held by the artists of St Elisabeth Convent offer a unique glimpse into the “mystery” of icon painting in keeping with ancient traditions of the Byzantine and Russian icon painters of the 12 th – 15 th centuries. Accomplished icon painters from St Elisabeth Convent will teach the basics of ancient icon painting techniques. A self-painted icon can become a unique gift or find its place in your home prayer corner.

Every workshop session will be accompanied by a video presentation showing how the icon painting studios of St Elisabeth Convent work. The visitors will see the entire process of icon painting, learn more about the theology behind icons (e.g., what makes an icon different from a picture), and about various icon painting schools and styles. When painting an icon, our icon painters strictly follow ancient technologies.

The boards are carefully prepared and covered with natural primer (gesso). The background is covered with gold leaf. Our icon painters make their own paints using powdered minerals, such as malachite, lazurite, haematite, cinnabar, glauconite, and vivianite. Egg yolks are used as the binding agent, that is why this kind of paint is called egg tempera.


Wherever workshop sessions on icon painting are held, they are always popular with the audiences. If you want our workshop session to happen in your town or city, contact us at st.elisabeth.expo[@] The icon painters of St Elisabeth Convent are always happy to share the secrets of their art!