The Beauty of Overglaze Painting

The ceramics workshop of St Elisabeth Сonvent has been bringing joy to its consumers for 15 years with their amazing ware. The manufacturing cycle starts with the creation of the artwork design and finishes with a vibrant miracle in the craftsman’s hands.

The articles covered with overglaze painting are admired for their loveliness and delicacy. This technique reminds watercolor with its transparency and clarity, that is why the artists often use watercolors to draw a sketch of the future item.

overglaze painting

Large plate (32,5 cm in diameter). Price 102 USD

The ceramics is baked, glazed, decorated and fired. After being exposed to high temperatures the colors change their hue and intensity. Overglaze painting is a complicated technique that demands high-level professional skills of the craftsman. The artists has to be a qualified  expert in working with pigments and constantly take into account how the color will alter. Still the advantage of this decorating method is a rich color palette when compared to underglaze painting.

overglaze painting

Medium sized plate (18 cm in diameter). Price 46 USD

This is a handmade decorative plate, 18 cm in diameter. It is painted in ceramic and luster paints and gold with love and inspiration. The core of its design is a landscape inscribed into a circle that accentuates and refines the shape of the plate.

It may adorn any room, especially if you compliment the plate with several other ones of a similar design,  but different in diameter. You will surround your family and friends with subtle and tender things, they will definitely enjoy every day.