Scriptorium: A Place for Copying Manuscripts

We announce a new island on the Festival map, called the Scriptorium. It is a place where you can learn Old Slavonic calligraphy and practise reading old manuscripts. You will be able to learn how writing and literacy emerged in the Slavic lands, read inscriptions on ancient icons, and understand words of ancient chronicles together with us in the few Festival days.

Workshop Session on Calligraphy Art

Workshop Session on Calligraphy Art

Calligraphy is an ancient art, which could be mastered only in monasteries under the supervision of a strict monk-teacher. Nowadays it is a hobby of robust and strong-willed people. You can show your willpower and mental acuity not only in a battle but also by copying some manuscripts.

Calligraphy is an art for the strong of spirit

Calligraphy is an art for the strong of spirit

Not everyone is able to articulate her thoughts and express them in writing. Calligraphy classes help to acquire these important skills. We will help you to make your first steps in following the canons of this art so that you can continue to improve your proficiency on your own.

The workshop session on calligraphy at the Festival: starting with the basics and moving on from there.

Calligraphy classes for children and adults

The art of calligraphy suits all ages. Calligraphy classes for children and adults

Our workshop session will teach you to use classic techniques of writing with quills and sharpened sticks. Depending on your level of proficiency, you will be able to choose a class that suits your needs and even participate in a calligraphy contest. Is there a prize more valuable than a piece of calligraphy made with your own hands?

You can apply to a one-on-one training session by writing an email to us or messaging us in social media in advance or during the Festival (if there are any places left).

A one-on-one workshop session is taught for a small fee that allows us to pay for expenses.

Welcome! You will certainly find something interesting among the numerous creative activities that we offer!