Passcase Wallet for Men

All the goods made of natural & imitation leather in the convent are produced in our Rehabilitation Centre for men. It’s a very special place where people with anything but simple fate live and work . Each of them has experienced a lot of pain and suffering, many losses and burned bridges.   

One hardly believes it looking at the products of the leather workshop. The destinies of the workers are as complicated as the embossment on the wallet is intricate.  At the same time the stitches are perfectly harmonic, while the lines of fortune of the craftsmen are maimed.

But everything is possible with God, no matter when a person met Him. The best proof of this fact is the glory of a person’s life hand in hand with God. The presented wallet is made of natural (Crust) and lining leather, sewn with the kapron thread. Decorated with the ornamental stamping. The size of the product is 10×12 cm.

Leather Mens Wallet Article: SHPK-7-1

Passcase Wallet for Men
Article: SHPK-7-1. Price 30 USD.