Being Needed Is the Best Medicine

At the end of September 2018 a House of Professional Integration has been built at the women’s farmstead of St Elisabeth Convent. Together with the sisters of the Convent and our guest from Austria (our readers will learn about her in one of the next articles) we came to the

Radiant Charm of Glass

Glass is difficult to handle and work with. One has to have great professional skills and a profound knowledge base to succeed. But the efforts are worth it – as a result we get the items of fairytale beauty shining and enchanting us by color passages. Glass has special relationship

Queen of Belarusian Swamps. Part II

I look at my hands surprised. My lurid fingers edged with a mourning bezel of butter mushroom stuck under fingernails (an indelible consequence of handling buckets of them) are soft, white and squeaking-clean from a two-hour contact with damp moss, mildew and sour cranberry juice. No SPA in the world

The Island where the Hearts are Healed

— I’m talking with your grandpa, you know… I’m puzzled: “Which grandpa?” N and I have known each other for a long time. I got to know her as our World Literature professor at the university, then she became an advisor on my research paper — and has been my

Overglaze decal – technique and works

It is not easy to imagine how much patient work, love and inspiration the painters of the ceramics workshop put into their tender, delicate and cozy ware: tea mugs and causer sets, services and other decal decorated utensils. Decal is the ceramics decorating technique based on the principle of the

“Here We Are and We Are Together”

In winter 2010 the kids animation studio “Here we are!” was founded by volunteers in Minsk. It united people of different professions, who aim at helping children with mental and physical disabilities find ways of self-expression and enhance their socialization process. Whereas “normal” kids in the studio  in equal measure

The Beauty of Overglaze Painting

The ceramics workshop of St Elisabeth Сonvent has been bringing joy to its consumers for 15 years with their amazing ware. The manufacturing cycle starts with the creation of the artwork design and finishes with a vibrant miracle in the craftsman’s hands. The articles covered with overglaze painting are admired

Queen of Belarusian Swamps. Part I

The weather this year resembles a capricious city girl: the summer saw drought intersperse with cold and heavy showers. Though mid-September is pleasantly warm, and the velvet season reigns. Nothing stands in the way of gathering splendid gifts of the fields, forests and… swamps. Famous Belarusian swamps. Roots of the

How Music is Born

Nun Juliania (Denisova), a well-known precentor and church music composer When asked about how music is born, nun Juliania answers quite simply. She taught children for 30 years, explained to them what a melody consists of, how to break it down into components and put it back together, “just like


1812 troops gunfire, clanking of the swords of the Medieval knights and Roman legionaries, festive fireworks – that’s how the site of “Mensk Starazhytny”, a festival of history and culture, echoed around the capital of Belarus. This year among the craftspeople of  the festival’s Town of All Trades a stall

Autumn “Joy”

The International Orthodox Festival “Joy” will throw the doors open on September, 8‒18 in the Minsk Palace of Arts (3 Kozlova St.). It has been a regular event held by the sisters of St Elisabeth Convent since the autumn of 2017. “Joy” is a continuation of the festival “Kladez”. The

“Mensk Starazhytny”: Ancient Minsk

On the second Saturday of September Minsk residents celebrate the City Day. The programme of the events dedicated to this holiday promises to be very diverse. So according to an existing tradition a festival of history and culture “Mensk Starazhytny” (Ancient Minsk) will take place on September, 8 as part

In Our Candle Workshop

There’s no convent without a candle workshop. It goes without saying that St Elisabeth Convent has one. We produce church candles made of wax and paraffin and manufacture special candles for weddings. You can also use some as souvenirs.   The flame of a candle is very similar to the