New Year, New Festival

The new festival year has begun. Our team can’t wait to meet our friends again. Right now, we are preparing many small and large events. We would like to make our Festival a feast for everyone. Let’s begin by describing the news and the surprising discoveries that you can expect to have.

Belarusian Ornaments

A new drama performance dedicated to the history of traditional Belarusian costume will give an insight into the traditions of folk weaving and embroidery and outline the significance of the traditional costumes in the life of the Belarusians since ancient times up until the present day. We remember the traditions and customs of our ancestors when we preserve and explore the decorative patterns on fabric and details of the costume.

Traditional Belarusian Textile Weaving

You will have the chance to see archived and contemporary photos and videos, pictures and samples of fashion, and weaving schemes. Our forefathers paid immense attention to the meaning of their clothes and the ways of wearing them. Clothes did not only decorate or protect from cold. They could tell family history, too. The ornamental patterns will reveal to us a whole world of symbols hidden beneath colours and shapes. We will be able to comprehend them!

Традиционное белорусское ткачество

Folk Ornament: The Language of Symbols and Colours

We follow our description of the traditional Belarusian clothes by a show of elegant and stylish clothes for contemporary Orthodox girls and women, made in Ella Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent. Natural textiles, trendy colour combinations, and refined fashions will highlight the beauty and the femininity of the person who wears them. You can purchase any item — it has been a tradition of our Heart 2 Heart Festival since its launch. Entry to all Festival events is free.

Runtime 01.15 Fashion Show of Clothes Made in St Elisabeth Convent.mp4

You will be able to enjoy the time-honoured Belarusian cuisine: taste our sweets, pastry, and herbal teas. Cooked according to ancient recipes, they preserve the secrets of health, beauty, and good nature of our forefathers. Buying our products, which have been made in the workshops of St Elisabeth Convent with love and prayer, you make a contribution to the good cause of St Elisabeth Convent.