Lots of Joy You Will Enjoy

Meeting guests with sweets, delicious pastry, and herbal tea has become a good tradition of the Heart 2 Heart Festival.

All products in the phyto café of St Elisabeth Convent are not just tasty but also natural and healthy. You can indulge in candied fruit, marshmallows, Turkish delight and other treats made of berries, fruit, and roots, instead of sugar-rich sweets. The old recipes used to make these products allow to preserve vitamins and useful substances of all their ingredients, such as minerals, micronutrients, and essential oils. At the same time, the taste of candied oranges, carrots, beetroots, pumpkins, and ginger remains soft and tender.

Many visitors of our Festival have fallen in love with the “energy dessert”, which consists of a wholesome nut and fruit mix of dried figs, sunflower seeds, nuts, and fruit. It is based on the syrup made as a byproduct of candied fruit. The marshmallow is made according to authentic Russian recipes from black currants, whortleberries, dried apricots, cranberries, dried plums, apples, and cinnamon. 

Butter oil is a useful product because it helps to digest food. If you add this oil to porridge or soup, it will have a unique taste. The combination of butter oil and dates is uniquely suited for use by people with poor health and especially pregnant women.

Monastery tea made in accordance with ancient recipes is also extremely popular with our visitors. The sisters’ prayer and love are the principal ingredients that lend healing power to the herbal teas. These teas help to restore one’s health and assist in healing various ailments.