Inspired by Light. Angel Stained Glass Panel

There is a workshop in our Convent that rekindles your best childhood memories. It’s the GLASS WORKSHOP. Its products look like they’ve just jumped off the pages of children’s books. They are exciting because they are simple and unassuming.

This glass panel can make you feel happy and relaxed. It looks like an Angel who descends to you covered with rays of sunlight… Size 145×145 mm. SKU: С-104678. Prices starting from US$ 20.

From a Sketch to a Finished Product

It is no accident that we are mesmerised by stained glass panel even as kids. The art of making stained glass is amazing and mysterious, almost miraculous. A stained glass panel has a long way to go from a sketch to a finished product. First of all, you have to cut and polish pieces of coloured glass and glue them together.

Once this stage is over, the item is baked in a special oven for 24 hours. It takes another 24 hours to cool the stained glass item down. Finally, a craftsperson has to polish the item by hand and assemble it according to the original design, and then bake it again and/or paint it.

It is in the rays of light, natural or artificial, that stained glass items come alive. The incredible interplay of colours, shades, and hues will never fail to impress and charm you for many years if you handle the item with care.