In Our Candle Workshop

There’s no convent without a candle workshop. It goes without saying that St Elisabeth Convent has one. We produce church candles made of wax and paraffin and manufacture special candles for weddings. You can also use some as souvenirs.


The flame of a candle is very similar to the attention and concentration of a person when praying. It lofts, but from the slightest air motion oscillates and flickers out easily. The human mind is just as easily distracted during prayer, and thoughts scatter around.

Candles help people to pray and focus on the dialogue with God, slow down a bit and concentrate on the most important thing.

wax candles

Screw-shaped Candle «Baby» Product Identification Number: СВ-02-04-26. Price 1,22 USD


Decorative handmade candles are made by our craftsmen of natural wax, decorated with a multi-colored wax, spangles and braid. You can kindle such a candle for a special event or on a regular day, because our every appeal to God gives our soul a festive mood, which, unfortunately, is so easily spoiled by the rubs and worries of life.