Herbal Medicine Recipes

Sweet flag and apple compote

Boil apples (300 gr. of fresh apples or 100 gr. of dried apples) in 1 liter of water. Add sweet flag roots (2 tablespoons of dried roots or 1 glass of fresh roots), bring it to the boil and leave for 5-10 minutes. Add sugar (6 tablespoons) and bring it to the boil again. You may place sweet flag roots in a cheesecloth bag, which should be removed before serving the compote.

Knotweed salad

Combine washed and chopped fresh leaves (50 gr.) and green onion (50 gr.), mix with one chopped hard-boiled egg . Add salt, dill and dress with sour cream (20 gr.) to your liking.

Cabbage soup with wood sorrel

Put cut potatoes (150 gr.) into boiling water. In 15 minutes add sautéed yellow onion (100 gr.), then add wood sorrel (100 gr.) and boil for 15 minutes. 5-10 minutes before doneness add wheat flour (20 gr.), butter (20 gr.), salt, pepper, and a bay leaf (to your liking). Before serving add slices of a hard-boiled egg (1/2 of an egg) and sour cream (20 gr.).

Willow herb salad

Put fresh sprouts and leaves (50-100 gr.) into boiling water for 1-2 minutes, strain through a colander and chop. Combine with chopped green onion (50 gr.) and grated horseradish (2 tablespoons), add lemon juice (1/4 of a lemon) and dress with sour cream (20gr.). Add salt and pepper to your liking.

Cabbage soup with willow herb

Dip fresh sprouts and leaves of willow herb (100 gr.), as well as nettle leaves (100gr.) in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, strain through a colander, chop and stew with margarine (20 gr.). Put chopped potatoes, a carrot (10 gr.), and greens into boiling broth or water (0.5-0.7 liter) and cook until it is ready. 10 minutes before it is ready add salt and spices. Put slices of an egg and sour cream (20 gr.) before serving.

Soup dressing with willow herb

Wash willow herb, sorrel and lungwort thoroughly. Chop it and add salt (5-10% of the total greens weight). Place the mixture in a glass jar. Keep refrigerated.

Tea with clover

Dry clover heads (2 parts), Saint-John’s-wort (1 part), and black current leaves (1 part) in the shade at a room temperature. Mix it and use for brewing.

Clover beverage

Put clover heads (200 gr.) in boiling water (1 liter) and boil for 20 minutes. As soon as the drink is cool filter it, add sugar powder (500 gr.) and stir. Serve chilled.

Cabbage soup with clover

Precook potatoes (100 gr.) in boiling water or meat broth (0.5-0.7 liter). Add chopped clover (100 gr.) and sorrel (100 gr.), sautéed yellow onion (40 gr.), fat (20 gr.), and spices. Before serving add chopped hard-boiled eggs (1/2 of an egg) and dress with sour cream (20 gr.).

Clover leaves powder

Air-cure leaves in a shadowy place, then dry them in an oven. Reduce to powder and sieve. Use the mixture to season soups (1 tablespoon per a portion), to make sauces and other seasonings.

Green cutlets

Chop and stew cabbage leaves (100 gr.) until they become tender. Stew chopped leaves of clover (100 gr.) and saltbush (100 gr.) apart because they become tender quicker. Make white sauce from flour (5-10 gr.), milk (50 gr.), butter (10 gr.), and eggs (1 egg). Combine stewed cabbage and greens with sauce, add salt (3-4 gr.). Form cutlets, roll in breadcrumbs (10-15 gr.) and fry on a hot frying pan.

Salad with nettle and nuts

Put washed nettle leaves (200 gr.) in boiling water for 5 minutes. Strain through a colander and chop. Put crushed walnut kernels (25 gr.) in nettle broth. Add vinegar, mix and dress nettle with the mixture. Top it with finely chopped parsley and onion.

Salad with nettle and eggs

Boil washed leaves of nettle (500 gr.) for 5 minutes, strain through a colander, cut, add salt and vinegar. Decorate with slices of an egg (1 egg), dress with sour cream (20 gr.).

Nettle omelette

Boil nettle (500 gr.) in slightly salted water, strain through a colander and cut. Add finely sliced dill and parsley (4 sprigs) to yellow onion (3 heads) fried on melted butter (3 tablespoons). Combine with nettle and stew until it becomes tender. Pour in whipped eggs (2) and cook on heat until it is done.

Salted nettle

Wash fresh nettle leaves and sprouts. Slice them and put in glass jars, salt each layer of greens (50 gr. per 1 kg of greens).

Nettle powder

Air-cure leaves and scapes (do not use coarse scapes) in a well ventilated room. Slice and sieve. Use to make soups, sauces, omelettes, porridges, and pancakes.

Nettle juice

Mince fresh nettle (1 kg.), add cold boiled water (0.5 liter), press the juice through a cheesecloth. Mince pressed squeezings. Add water (0.5 liter), squeeze the juice and combine it with the first portion. Pour the juice into a 0.5 liter jar, pasteurize at the temperature of 65-70°C for 15 minutes. Cover with sufficiently boiled polyethylene covers. Store in a chill place. Use to prepare seasonings and beverages. Nettle juice is good in combination with carrot juice and honey. You may add lemon juice, Vermouth wine or Port wine.

Salad with saltbush or pigweed and onion

Wash fresh leaves (200 gr.). Boil them, let them dry a little, slice, salt and combine with finely chopped green onion (5 gr.). Dress with vegetable oil (5 gr.) and spicy sauce (1 tablespoon).

Salad with saltbush and beetroot

Place washed and sliced fresh leaves (100 gr.) on the slices of boiled beetroot (150 gr.). Add salt, vinegar and sour cream (20 gr.).

Cold soup of saltbush or pigweed

Wash fresh leaves (100 gr.) and sorrel (30 gr.) thoroughly. Chop, boil in slightly salted water (0.4 liter) until it is done and cool it down. Before serving add finely chopped green onion (20 gr.), fresh cucumbers (40 gr.), dill (5 gr.), and dress with sour cream (20 gr.)

Salad of burdock leaves

Place washed leaves (50 gr.) into boiling water for 1-2 minutes, then dry them and slice them very small. Combine with finely chopped green onion (50 gr.), add salt, grated horseradish (30 gr.), and dress with sour cream (20 gr.).

Burdock soup

Boil peeled-off and finely sliced potatoes (200 gr.) and washed rice (40 gr.) in slightly salted water or broth (0.7 liter). 10-15 minutes before it is done add sliced burdock leaves (30 gr.) and sautéed yellow onion (80 gr.). Add salt and pepper to your liking.

Burdock mash

Mince burdock leaves (1 kg.), add salt (100 gr.), pepper (to your liking), dill (25 gr.), sorrel (100 gr.). Stir everything up and place in a 3-liter jar. Store refrigerated. Use to cook soups, salads and as a seasoning to meat and fish dishes.

Chickweed salad

Salt sliced chickweed (100 gr.) and green onion (100 gr.), dress with sour cream (20 gr.). Top with hard-boiled egg slices and sprinkle with dill.

Chickweed dandelion salad

Slice chickweed (100 gr.), dandelion leaves (50 gr.) and salad leaves (50 gr.) very small. Add sour milk (40 gr.), salt and sugar powder (to your liking) and mix.Salt sliced chickweed (100 gr.) and green onion (100 gr.), dress with sour cream (20 gr.). Top with hard-boiled egg slices and sprinkle with dill.

Chickweed seasoning

Add grated horseradish (2 tablespoons), crushed garlic (1 tablespoon), vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), salt and vinegar (to your liking) to minced greens (200 gr.). Use as a seasoning to meat and fish dishes.

Chickweed beverage

Cover minced chickweed (200 gr.) and horseradish (100 gr.) with boiled water (2 liters). Infuse for 3-4 hours. Sieve the beverage and add sugar powder (60 gr.). Serve chilled.

Dandelion salad

Hold dandelion leaves (100 gr.) in cold slightly salted water for 30 minutes. Slice them small and combine with finely sliced parsley (25 gr.) and green onion (50 gr.). Dress with oil (15 gr.), add salt and vinegar, mix and top with dill.

Dandelion salad with eggs

Slice prepared dandelion leaves (100 gr.) and green onion (25 gr.) small. Add sauerkraut (50 gr.), a chopped hard-boiled egg (1/4 of an egg.), add salt, mix and dress with sour cream (20 gr.).

Fried dandelion rosettes

Boil dandelion rosettes (250 gr.) in 5% salted water, cover with breadcrumbs, fry (or combine with fried meat and continue to fry). Serve hot.

Dandelion jam

The ingredients: 500 dandelion flowers, 0.5 liter of boiling water, 1.5 of a lemon, 10-12 fresh cherry leaves. Grate lemons. Combine dandelion flowers with grated lemon and cherry leaves. Cover with boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. Remove from heat. Cover with a clean cloth and leave for 12-24 hours. Afterwards, beat to mash, squeeze, and pour the infusion into an enamel or aluminium pan and start heating. After boiling add sugar to the infusion and boil for 2 hours, skimming off the foam. Pour ready-to-eat jam into glass jars treated with steam.

Dandelion mash

Hold dandelion leaves in cold slightly salted water. Dry them and mince. Add salt, pepper, vinegar and dill (to your liking). Use as a seasoning for soups, meat and fish dishes.

Dandelion flower buds in marinade

Place washed flower buds (500 gr.) in a pan, cover with hot marinade (0.5 liter). Bring to the boil and hold on a low heat for 5-10 minutes. Use as a supplement to side dishes.