Heart-Warmed Clay

Original ceramic products made using relief decoration, overglaze painting, decals, or painted with gold are well known to the guests of the Heart 2 Heart Festival. All masterpieces created in the Ceramic Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent can be called exclusive and unique hands down.

Monastery ceramics

Self-Invented Technologies and Know Hows at All Production Stages

The Ceramic Workshop of St Elisabeth Convent has been around for about two decades. Ceramic products undergo full production cycle here, beginning with the initial concepts and first sketches all the way down to final firing. The products made in the Workshop can be seen in private collection throughout Belarus, Russia, France, Poland, Germany, Britain…

The workers consider their jobs to be bigger than just making things out of clay. Their distinct approach to their job is characterised by prayerfulness. Anyone who comes to the workshop will immediately spot its difference from a regular industrial enterprise: all female workers wear kerchiefs, there are icons on desks, and the overall mood is peaceful and focused. It must be noted that among the workers are not only professional ceramic artists but also those people who undergo labour rehabilitation.

We use our own hacks and time-tested technologies during all production stages, from the initial drafts to finished products.

handmade ceramics

The elite world where each item is unique

Cups and mugs, incense burners and bells, vigil lamps and boxes, gifts and spellbinding tea sets… These are just a few of the products made in our workshop.

handmade ceramics

Painting with special paints on fired glaze surface makes images transparent, light, and watercolour-like

The production process is long. For instance, a cup travels from one department into another for about a fortnight and changes dozens of hands in the process of the standard procedures: modelling, polishing, glazing, and painting…

Etched and glazed ceramic items need decoration. Here is where the artists can unleash the true power of their imagination. Grotesque flowers, funny animals, Angels, landscapes, intricate ornaments… All these decorations are made in the decals department. Decal is a way of applying an image from paper on ceramic (porcelain, in our case). After firing, the image sticks to the surface of an item reliably.

handmade ceramic teapot

Relief decoration is an ancient method of painting on wet glaze


Elaborate textured patterns on cups and mugs are made using the method of relief decoration. This method is alternatively known as “scratching”. Tender landscapes in sublime colours are painted on ceramic items using overglaze painting technique, where special ceramic paints are applied on fired glaze. As soon as the overglaze painting is made, the item is fired again, and the paint penetrates the glaze. All in all, the products are fired several times.

In order to grasp the scope and diversity of the products made in our Ceramic Workshop, you should visit an exhibition of our ceramic products where you can find hundreds (!) of different ceramic collections. This is due to the fact that new ceramic artists join our Workshop from time to time, and we let each of them to realise their creative potential.

However, the main difference of the ceramic items made in St Elisabeth Convent from the ceramic products of large-scale industrial enterprises lies not only in aesthetics, technologies, and outstanding quality. The secret is that they make each item with prayer and love. Some people go as far as claiming that their tea becomes tastier when consumed from our cups.


handmade ceramics

Our first products were based on the shape of an Easter egg

By the way, our first products were based on the shape of an Easter egg as the symbol of a new life. The sisters transformed it into openwork candlesticks, vigil lamps, cups for holy water painted with colour glaze, engobe, lustre, and gold.

Today, the Ceramic Workshop makes candle-holders, vigil lamps, incense burners, prosphora boxes, candle extinguishers, vessels for holy water and holy oil, as well as bowls, teapots, tea sets, and gifts made of clay, porcelain, faïence, decorated with various kinds of hand-painting and decals. They can make any ceramic item to order, e.g., a holy water vessel or a cup with an image of a certain church. Our products, made with love and piety, are marked by unparalleled artistic value.

The visitors of the Heart 2 Heart Festival can learn more about the products of the workshops of St Elisabeth Convent during the festival, as well as online in our Catalogue.

Beauty is eternity created by human hands.