H2H Festival in London

The Heart 2 Heart Festival is a charitable project launched and carried out by St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Belarus) with the blessing of His Eminence Pavel, Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslavl. It is an annual event held in different cities across Europe. The Festival aims to show the beauty and richness of the Orthodox faith and culture and to strengthen ties among Christians.

The Heart 2 Heart Festival was launched in 2016. In the course of these three years, the events of the Festival have attracted 10,000 visitors. The cities where the Festival has already been held are: Vienna, Berlin, London, Dublin.

“There are dozens of colourful and exciting events going on in London every day. What can we add to this mix? We would like to make a feast for the people and to show the beauty of living with God to them. Our contribution is in our hearts and our eyes. If people can see the light, goodness, and warmth emanating through them, our mission will be accomplished,” Nickolai Storozhenko, one of the organisers of Heart 2 Heart Festival, says.




July 3 – 6, 2018

Representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Great Britain

37 Kensington High St, Kensington,

London W8 5ED, Great Britain



 July 5 – 8, 2018

 The Church of St. Sava in London

St.Sava church adress:
89 Lancaster Road



  • Workshop sessions on mosaics* and icon painting*
  • Evening in the Belarusian Hut
  • Workshop sessions on Belarusian folk crafts and Batleika puppet theatre
  • Presentation “The Orthodox Icon: Ways of Reflecting the Sacred Image”





Presentation of St Elisabeth Convent

It will include photo exhibitions, film shows and talks focused on the life and ministry of Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth, as well as the history of St Elisabeth Convent and its social outreach projects. You will learn about the life of the Convent and the social ministry of the Sisterhood in honour of St Elisabeth. The sisters help children with special needs, provide rehabilitation for those willing to get rid of drug and alcohol addictions, and offer visiting nurse services.

Kids’ Section and Batleika Puppet Show

There will also be an exciting children’s programme. Children are always fond of watching the characters of Batleika Puppet Theatre. The audience of this puppet show will see how the good fights the evil, with the narrative leading up to a culmination, and finally, a happy end. Batleika Puppet Theatre was warmly welcomed in Dublin, Berlin, Belgrade, and London last year. The visitors will also have the chance to watch animated films produced by the Studio in honour of St John the Warrior. Children can expect a lot of fun. They will be invited to take part in various competitions and games. All children are welcome to participate in the creation of a piece of artwork to keep and remember.

The Belarusian Hut Exposition

The Belarusian Hut exposition and straw-plaiting workshop will be open during the entire Festival and will show a traditional Belarusian household.

Workshop Session on Mosaics

The organisers have prepared new workshop sessions on ancient mosaic. Professional mosaic artists from St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk) will share the secrets of the artisans of old times. The artists who work in our Mosaic Workshop have decorated churches in Belarus, Russia, Greece, and other countries. The participants of the workshop session will learn the technique of smalt mosaic assembly on a flat surface and find out how a church mosaic is made, from the preliminary draft to final assembly in church. Their efforts will be crowned with a mosaic panel made with their own hands. 

*Please sign up in advance!

Icon Painting Workshop Session

The visitors get a unique opportunity to discover the “mystery” of painting icons according to ancient Byzantine and Russian traditions dating back as far as the 12th-15th centuries. During this workshop session, visitors will have a chance to learn about some techniques of painting icons with tempera or with ground gemstones and pearls. The participants will create and take home your own masterpiece (one of biblical symbols of Evangelists) painted according to ancient traditions of tempera painting.

*You are welcome to sign up for our workshop sessions on icon painting in advance.

Hearty Evenings

Hearty Evenings are a new format of Festival events. The visitors will be immersed into the atmosphere of everyday life in Belarus in the past and watch funny performances and sketches. Most importantly, they will be able to have informal conversations with the Festival team.

We are looking forward to meeting you during the “hearty” evenings in London:

  • July 3: Sacred Heart Church, Edge Hill, London SW19 4LU
  • July 3-6: Rossotrudnichestvo Office, 37 Kensington High St, Kensington, London W8 5ED
  • July 7-8: St Anselm Catholic Church, 89 West Hill, Dartford DA1 2HJ
  • July 4-8: St Sava Serbian Orthodox Church, 89-91 Lancaster Rd, London W11 1QQ

Entry to all festival events is free, except workshop sessions. A sale of products made in the workshops of St Elisabeth Convent will be open daily during the Festival. You will get the chance to purchase ceramic items, mosaics, icons, souvenirs, herbal products, teas and balms, church supplies, stained glass products, clothes made of natural fabrics, and a lot more. Anything you buy will be a contribution to the cause of the social ministry and development of the Convent.