Encountering the Word

Thanks to the Heart 2 Heart Festival, colourful and educational books published by the Publishing House of St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk) have found new readers in many countries across Europe.

The Publishing House of St Elisabeth Convent is one of the largest Christian publishers in Belarus. It publishes Christian books in Belarusian, Russian, and English.

Publications of our Publishing House have been among the best numerous times and received a number of awards at international book fairs and exhibitions.

The Publishing House of St Elisabeth Convent received the 2nd degree diploma at the National Book Art Competition for its book Lives of Saints for the Little Ones in the nomination “We Grow with Books” in 2017. It is just one of the many awards that they have received over the years.

Alexander Begansky, the Editor-in-Chief, says that the Publishing House pays special attention to children’s books. Although printed books have a hard time competing with multimedia and electronic devices nowadays, they continue to wield significant influence over personal development, feed a child’s brain and foster inspiration, reveal new worlds, plant appropriate images and behavioural models in a child’s mind.

Books for children have come to represent the Publishing House of the Convent. The publishers admit that printing books for children is one of the best parts of their job. It never becomes a routine because it always calls for creativity in selecting the author, the artist and the editor, and drawing the book’s layout. Talented works written by children’s authors are supplemented by colourful and bright pictures, which make the books especially attractive for young readers. If you ever happen to see pictures painted by our artists, you will “fall in love” with our books immediately and forever.

Of course, you won’t stumble upon any “surprises” like foul words or inappropriate conduct of the characters. You need not be afraid of possible spiritual harm from reading our books.

Other books published by our Publishing House include works by the Holy Fathers and worship books, biographies of saints, lives of saints adapted for children, history books, poetry, colouring books, and a lot more. Text selection, proofreading, elegant design, concise layout, format, and excellent quality are always among our top priorities.