Eco Toys for Kids

There is one more workshop with products for kids in the convent – a textile one. Pillows, toys and perfect textile are produced there. Signature features of the workshop are bright design, natural materials and artful union of current trends and Russian traditions.

“Little Sister Fox” Toy. Product Identification Number: ТМ-11-8 22 $

The eco toys produced in the workshop of the convent help children to develop chromatic and tactile sensation. They make a significant effect to the progress in fine and gross motor skills, imagination and intellectual functioning of the babies.

All of these characteristics are embodied in such children toys:

Cheerful and mischievous Fox made of cashmere and filled with the buckweat husk. Produced with love and prayer for the infants the Toy can also help to quiet a baby & to entertain him. It contains a pouch with the buckweat husk. This natural product influences the mood & well-being of the baby in a positive way.

You can also use the toy as a bed warmer in winter. Put it first on the electrotherm or radiator. Use the toy to help the little ones with the gas colic.