Discover the Secrets of Ancient Mosaics

Heart 2 Heart Festival and mosaic artists of St Elisabeth Convent invite you to take part in workshop sessions* on mosaics to be held in London on July 3 and July 5-8.

Making a mosaic is a really enchanting process. The participants will have the chance to make a mosaic using forward assembly method. Mosaics made using this method are lively, textured, and accentuated. The participants’ efforts will result in small mosaic panel pictures, which can be framed and hanged on a wall of your house or attached to your house front as a decorative element.

Traditional fragments of ancient mosaics — ornamental patterns, a bird, a fish, a feather, etc. — will be used as sketches for these pieces of art. Each participant may choose the sketch she likes the most. Small sizes of the modules allow to achieve high precision and exquisiteness.

You will pick up basic principles of making mosaics, find out a lot of useful facts about the materials, learn to use the tools to make your own original mosaic masterpiece. This workshop session does not require specialised professional knowledge or skills and is suitable for everyone.


Workshop sessions on mosaic are an excellent pastime for those who like making things with their own hands. You will acquire the technique of installing mosaic pieces onto a surface, get to know more about the stages of preparing a mosaic surface, and pick up some useful tricks of this art.

You will be supplied with a sketch, a base for work, smalt and stones, clippers for mosaic, and tweezers. Professional mosaic artists from St Elisabeth Convent teach these classes. You will learn about the history of church mosaic and see the works of famous artists of old.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the Representative Office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Great Britain on July 3, and in St Sava Serbian Church in London on July 5-8.

The two-hour long workshop session will certainly bring forth lots of positive feelings and impressions… and a finished piece of mosaic art, too!

*Please sign up in advance!