Festival Programme for Children

Belarusian Motifs in the Children’s Programme

A BELARUSIAN HUT with games and riddles and workshop sessions on traditional folk crafts will be waiting for the visitors. Straw plaiting, carpet weaving, making linen dolls, and painting on wooden toys — not only small visitors but also their parents will be able to choose something they like.

An interactive programme of the Belarusian Hut will help the visitors learn the history and ethnography of Belarus, the Orthodox lifestyle of the 19th century, and traditions of family holidays. A samovar, a coal iron, a kerosene lamp, kitchen utensils, a loom, towels, and tablecloths… You will also have the chance to hear the sound of old musical instruments, dance a traditional folk dance, learn to use various tools of old times, and to play folk games.

We have prepared educational quizzes, contests, and prizes for the most inquisitive ones!

The Belarusian Hut

A new Belarusian fairy tale “Oh and the Golden Snuffbox” has been added to the repertoire of BATLEIKA FOLK PUPPET THEATRE. This play is available in English, German, and Russian. Alexander Zhdanovich who is a theatre actor and a famous host of Kałychanka Children’s TV programme known as Malavanyč was involved in the preparation of the Russian and the German language variants of the fairy tale. Like before, our guests can choose one of several options of a fairy tale that the puppets will tell.

Batleika is a folk street theatre

Our new remarkable workshop titled DOLL AS A GIFT invites you to learn how a traditional doll is made of linen fabric, threads, and lace. Each participant will not only create a folk-themed souvenir with her own hands but also receive a doll made by our own puppet maker as a gift.

Please note: This class is held for a small fee that allows us to make up for the raw materials.

A Doll from the Collection of St Elisabeth Convent Workshop

You can learn to make dolls like these by enrolling in our workshop session.

Traditional parenting methods inspired us to create the Belarusian Hut. Orthodox customs bundled together all events of our ancestors’ lives, brought light and peace, filled the leisurely lifestyle of their families and communities with meaning. Children and adults alike will find something new and interesting when they come to visit a Belarusian granny in her Belarusian hut.

You can go to our phyto-cafe and have a cup of delicious herbal tea cooked according to a time-honoured monastery recipe, as well as some fresh pastry.

Our Phyto-cafe

We hope that this part of our programme will be well-received.

Entry to all Festival events is free.

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