Charity Fairs: Ministry of Good Deeds

Heart 2 Heart Festival aims to reveal how the Orthodox Church interacts with the contemporary society in numerous ways, which serves to prove that the Orthodox faith is experiencing a revival. We do our best to show the diversity and beauty of the Orthodox culture. Unique products of the workshops of St Elisabeth Convent are a sign of its diversity, too.

By telling people from various parts of the world about the social ministry of St Elisabeth Convent, we demonstrate that the efforts of many people in Belarus are directed not only towards making their own life more comfortable but first of all towards helping their neighbours and compatriots who find themselves in a difficult situation. Many sisters have found their lifelong vocation in serving their neighbours — a result of their faith and trust in God.


Thanks to fruitful cooperation with Christian communities and the assistance of caring people around the world, we have managed to broaden the territory of our festivals and fairs in the recent years: England, Serbia, Germany, and Ireland have already welcomed our Festival.

As a rule, we offer not only an extensive cultural programme but also a wide variety of our products. Currently, there are over a dozen various workshops in St Elisabeth Convent, namely: Icon Painting Studio, stained glass workshop, ceramic workshop, stone workshop, sewing workshop, bookbinding workshop, mosaic workshop, non-ferrous metals workshop, leather workshop, casting workshop, icon setting workshop, to name just a few.


These workshops allow hundreds of people, who wish to carry out their work in the Orthodox Church surroundings, to work and support their families. Thanks to the diligence and hard work of our craftspeople and artists, we produce a wide range of goods. All proceeds fund the development and current needs of the Convent, along with its charitable activity. The money we earn are used to support our rehabilitation centres for people with alcohol and drug addictions; children and adults with special needs who stay in boarding homes for the mentally challenged; our Visiting Nurse Service; cultural and educational events; and other charitable projects.

The products made in our workshops are unique and sometimes have no competitors. They are developed and manufactured by and under the supervision of highly-skilled professionals who love doing what they do. A lot of our production processes are based on ancient technologies and recipes.

Charitable fairs per se are just the end result of the efforts by many people who have devoted their talents to the service of the Church and the public good. Aside from that, this is how the sisters of St Elisabeth Convent uphold the traditions set by the heavenly patroness of the Convent, the Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elisabeth.

Due to the long distances that we have to travel to get to the European festival locations, we select only the best examples of the products made in the Convent for our European festival sales. This is true for the whole range of our goods: Church supplies, books, icons, ceramic products, monastery foods, wooden, clay, and glass items, sewing products, and gifts.


Items made in the Ceramic Workshop never fail to catch everyone’s attention, especially the youngest visitors. The original ceramic products are made by hand in a number of techniques, e.g., relief decoration, overglaze painting, and decals. Cups and mugs, incense burners, bells, vigil lamps and boxes, gifts, and exclusive tea sets… Our ceramic products come in many shapes and are always in high demand.

Stained glass products create a festive atmosphere during all our events. There is a wide selection of the best glass items to suit all tastes at each festival. They include icons, stained glass panels with crosses and Christian symbols, pendants, and original souvenirs. These items are made by baking glass at a high temperature. Our products are characterised by an exquisite style and look great in all interiors. The professional artists from our Convent use special combinations of colour, shape, and surface. Their unconventional approach to all creative tasks makes each item unique.

Herbal products made in St Elisabeth Convent have been popular with people in Belarus and Russia. Thanks to the festivals organised by the Convent, our herbal teas, balms, and potions have been represented at the fairs in the cities of Europe. Herbal collections gathered at the Convent’s farms are beneficial for one’s health. They serve as stimulants and invigorants and help to fight various illnesses.

Our phyto café is open during the entire Festival and uses only natural products. Our pastry chefs use these products to make sweet pastry for children, e.g., candied fruit, marshmellow, Turkish delight, and a lot more. That’s why our pastry is not just delicious but also healthy. Thanks to our production process, we manage to preserve most of the vitamins and nutritious elements of all the ingredients.


Masterpieces created by professional icon painters in the Icon Painting Studios of our Convent are always widely represented at the Festival. Our icon painters adhere to ancient Byzantine canons and methods of making paints. The visitors of our Festivals can choose tempera icons or our unique icons made of ground semi-precious gemstones.

We can spend a lot of time listing everything you can find at our charitable fair. However, you’d better come and see with your own eyes that the unique objects that bring comfort and warmth into your home can be made only with prayer and love. This is especially true because when you buy our handmade products, you will know that by doing so you support low-income families with many children, the elderly, the lonely, and the ill — everyone who the sisters of St Elisabeth Convent take care of.

The sale will be open during all Festival days! Don’t miss an opportunity to purchase our unique products and help the needy!