Changing Lives and Transforming the World: Less Able People Get Jobs

St Elisabeth Convent has launched a special project titled “DOBRODEL” (he who does good) aimed at providing jobs for the disabled. It lets them to break through the obstacles and barriers posed to them by our society and re-integrate into the larger world by doing something to sustain themselves.

Why Should I Care?

Mentally challenged individuals are routinely shut out of the labour market due to their poor performance and insufficient qualifications. Nevertheless, many of them wish to have jobs and serve others with their efforts. You will need a personalised approach and a particular plan if you’d like to provide jobs for these people.

What Do They Produce?

Dobrodel Workshop offers its employees great working conditions. Currently, twelve disabled persons undergo training to master the skills required at their new workplace. Their workplaces are located in the same building with other production facilities of St Elisabeth Convent. It is here that the new employees can make ceramic and wooden masterpieces, do basic woodwork, make paper and cardboard items, and fully express their creativity thanks to various decorative materials. The less able who work in the workshop now have already learned to make gifts,  prayer beads, craft bags, and a whole lot more products.

In the meantime, after some training, the people with special needs will work both in our workshops and elsewhere. Thus, they will develop their creativity, do good, and earn some money.

How Can I Help?

First and foremost, you can support us financially. We at St Elisabeth Convent need to buy equipment and raw materials for Dobrodel, pay the coaches and instructors, and provide activities for social adaptation of our workers.

Our Donation Page is in development at the moment. If you want to support the project, please, contact us at