Boarding Home, Ministry, Pilgrimage

The St John the Russian Fund took the young and adult patients of residential care facilities for the mentally challenged on a journey to St Elisha Laŭryšava Monastery on July 22 and a trip to Holy Annunciation Monastery in Malyja Liady on July 28.

The volunteers place a lot of emphasis on the events held outside of the boarding homes. Regrettably, they don’t have the chance to take the disabled patients out as frequently as they’d like to, since they face many obstacles, formal and technical. Nonetheless, those inconveniences pale in comparison with the outcomes. The volunteers and the patients in their care become closer after these trips. They learn to get along with each other and bolster their spiritual growth.


“Our trips with the special people are a veritable blessing,” the brothers and sisters claim. “It is during those journeys that you are able to see sacred objects and get in touch with the person you take care of. You can really master the skill of genuine love! We’ve had several fantastic and deeply exciting moments during the two pilgrimages.”