BeloRussian Nesting Dolls

We begin a series of reviews on the products made in our workshops today. There are over 30 workshops in St Elisabeth Convent now. Each workshop makes unique, moving, and useful products. Toy painting workshop is one of the most outstanding ones. Our artists make colourful souvenirs, Christmas Tree toys, and unique nesting dolls. Each nesting doll is one of a kind: you will never find an identical doll anywhere.

The nesting dolls painted by the artists who work in St Elisabeth Convent are remarkably lovable and tender. Our craftspeople invest their emotions and love in every nesting doll. This is why when you look at the babushkas (as foreigners call them) with musical instruments in their hands (see below), you almost expect them to come alive, beaming with smiles and playing a tune that will make everyone dance.

5 Pcs Nesting Doll, hand-painted with acrylic paints 14-15 cm high SKU RD-1-03-2 Price starting from $25


These nesting dolls are painted using acrylic paints. Their decorative patterns are designed by the artisans themselves and then approved by a special council. Once a nesting doll is ready, it is covered with a thin layer of lacquer. It helps to preserve its original lustre for many years.

Nesting dolls have long become popular with children and adults. Here is the history of this amazing toy.

Legend has it that the Mamontovs who were famous industrialists and philanthropists of the late 19th century received a figurine of a Buddhist saint as a gift. The wooden figurine contained a surprise: four little copies of the same Buddhist saint were inside one another. It is this toy that allegedly became the prototype for the famous matryoshka doll. The doll got its name from a common female name Matrona, which was popular in the Russian Empire at that time.

Our craftspeople make nesting dolls to order, so you can have them painted as you wish. Such a nesting doll can be a perfect gift for children and adults.