Belgrade Book Fair 2018: an Exciting Programme from St Elisabeth Convent

From 21 till 28 October 2018 the sisters of St Elisabeth Convent will take part in the International Book Fair in Belgrade (Serbia) for the tenth time

For the first time St Elisabeth Convent’s display appeared at the book fair in Belgrade in 2009. Since then the sisters have participated in this event every year and lots of visitors know they can find us in hall #4. Every year the range of the displayed products gets wider, and more and more people learn about the convent and the unique articles manufactured in its workshops.

Books of the Spiritual Father of the Convent

Last year the spiritual father of St Elisabeth Convent archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok took part in the events of the Belgrade book fair for the first time. Within the meeting organized with Fr. Andrew everyone could ask him a question, get a spiritual advice and learn more about the life in the Convent. Father Andrew holds such spiritual talks with his parishioners every week.

spiritual father of St Elisabeth Convent archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok

The questions people ask at such meetings and later by e-mail compiled the book “What people ask about”, which was published in three parts. It was translated into Serbian and introduced at the book fair in Belgrade in 2017. Those who wished but didn’t manage to buy it for some reason last year will be able to do it now. All the parts of the book will be presented at the book fair this year.

Workshop with nun Iuliania (Denisova)

Serbia is traditionally famous for love of singing and professional attitude to this form of art. It is well confirmed by the fact that the Grand Prix of the International Arts Festival “Slavianski Bazaar” annually held in Belarusian city Vitebsk has gone to Serbia for several years by now.

Besides the spiritual father of the Convent, nun Iuliania (Denisova) is known and loved in many countries of the world, in Serbia as well. Many people know her from the film “Nun” that won a high award at one of the prestigious international film festivals and left deep impression in the hearts of the cinema audience. But most people know her as a talented composer and the precentor of the Festive Choir of St Elisabeth Convent.


This year the precentors of church choirs and ensembles’ chanters from across Serbia will have an opportunity to adopt the experience of nun Iuliania. The final result of the one-week-course will be presented at the meeting that will take place at 19:00 on Sunday, October 28th, in St Savva’s Church crypt. During the meeting there will be a talk with nun Iuliania and the participants of the workshop will sing several chants under the guidance of nun Iuliania (Denisova). All are cordially invited. The admission is free. At the end of the evening everyone will be able to buy published notes, DVD- and audio disks with the chants composed by mother Iuliania and performed by the Festive Choir.

A Dialogue with the Precentor

Another opportunity to meet the famous precentor in person is everyday meetings with nun Iuliania, which will be held at our display from 23 till 26 October 2018. On any of this days from 15:00 till 16:30 church music fans and anyone who wishes to get to know nun Iuliania better may talk to her, ask their questions, get a professional advice and share their experience. Here you will also be able to buy CDs with the Convent’s choir records, printed chant’s notes, books and other products.

What Else the Sister’s Display Will Impress the Visitors with

This year numerous useful and interesting articles will await their customers at our display. Each year the sisters present a wide range of products of the Convent’s book house in Russian, Church Slavonic and Serbian languages at the book exhibition. There is also a large variety of books, calendars, children’s orthodox coloring books, CDs and many other things at the display. Traditionally sisters will bring the unique hand-made goods manufactured in the Convent’s workshops: church utensils, souvenirs, ceramics, icons, priest’s and monastic robes, ecologically pure health products. The customers will for sure be delighted with the presented wearing apparel made by the sisters: dresses, blouses and skirts for women and natural linen shirts for men.


Every year the sisters bring something new. Thus, this year they will introduce a new line of organic cosmetics. Souvenir assortment has replenished by natural leather goods.

Most goods at our display are hand-made and manufactured with love and prayer in the Convent. Convent’s health and beauty products are traditionally made of natural components in accordance with ancient monastic recipes.

Buying articles at the Convent’s display, you make your contribution to charity. St Elisabeth Convent from the very first days patronizes residential care facilities for children with special needs and for mentally challenged adults, as well as for people in need who live at two Convent’s farmsteads – one for men and the other for women. The people who suffer drug and alcoholic addiction, homeless and ex-prisoners find shelter there.

Every day during exhibit hours you will be able to write prayer notes to St Elisabeth Convent.

On October 21-28 we are daily waiting for you from 10:00 till 20:00 in hall #4.

The address:

Београдски саjам, Булевар Војводе Мишића 14, хала 4,
Штанд Манастира Свете Jелисавете

11000 Београд

You are welcome!


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