In Our Candle Workshop

There’s no convent without a candle workshop. It goes without saying that St Elisabeth Convent has one. We produce church candles made of wax and paraffin and manufacture special candles for weddings. You can also use some as souvenirs.   The flame of a candle is very similar to the

Herbal Medicine Recipes

Sweet flag and apple compote Boil apples (300 gr. of fresh apples or 100 gr. of dried apples) in 1 liter of water. Add sweet flag roots (2 tablespoons of dried roots or 1 glass of fresh roots), bring it to the boil and leave for 5-10 minutes. Add sugar

Green Gold. Part II

We continue to tell you about the benefits of healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Coming up in this post we will share with you simple recipes that include edible wild plants you can easily gather. First of all, we remind you: gather only the plants you know very well. Follow

Passcase Wallet for Men

All the goods made of natural & imitation leather in the convent are produced in our Rehabilitation Centre for men. It’s a very special place where people with anything but simple fate live and work . Each of them has experienced a lot of pain and suffering, many losses and

Let Us Sing With Our Hearts and Lips…

The Isle of Wight is one of the largest islands located 2 miles off the coast of Hampshire. Its total area is just 148 square miles, a fact that gave this island its name, which literally means ‘something tiny’. However, it was this place that became the centre of solemnities

Herbal Pharmacy: The Mother Nature’s Help. Part II

Stress Is the Cause of Many Disorders The helter-skelter of contemporary life has led to stress and neurosis being an inseparable part of the life of everyone regardless of age. One’s nervous system can be stabilized by herbal remedies based on valeriana roots, hawthorn berries, melissa grass, hops, marjoram, and

Batleika: A Tale of the Belarusian Soul

Batleika Theatre is one of the earliest types of the Belarusian popular art. The traditions of the medieval theatre are being revived and make people happy again. Heart 2 Heart Festival is no exception: Batleika Theatre has been a firmly established part of its programme for several years now. Batleika

Charity Fairs: Ministry of Good Deeds

Heart 2 Heart Festival aims to reveal how the Orthodox Church interacts with the contemporary society in numerous ways, which serves to prove that the Orthodox faith is experiencing a revival. We do our best to show the diversity and beauty of the Orthodox culture. Unique products of the workshops

Hearty Meetings in the Belarusian Hut

How do you introduce country to a foreign audience? Where do you start? Perhaps, you should start by telling your listeners about the traditional way of life of your people, how they managed their household, their daily lifestyle, and their traditional crafts. Heart 2 Heart Festival invites its guests to