Scriptorium: A Place for Copying Manuscripts

We announce a new island on the Festival map, called the Scriptorium. It is a place where you can learn Old Slavonic calligraphy and practise reading old manuscripts. You will be able to learn how writing and literacy emerged in the Slavic lands, read inscriptions on ancient icons, and understand

London Meets the Heart 2 Heart Festival

The Heart 2 Heart Charitable Festival comes to Great Britain again. You can expect an exciting cultural programme, workshop sessions, monastery treats, and, most importantly, good summertime mood and the joy of Christian encounters. St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Belarus) has organised several such events in Britain and Ireland already. Last spring,

The Intertwined Centuries

Belarus is known for its straw plaiting. The Heart 2 Heart festival offers an opportunity to learn more about folk art masterpieces and, most importantly, to acquire some basic practical straw-plaiting skills. Alla Sidorova spent several years teaching the rare folk craft to children and adults throughout Europe. A straw doll

At Home in Belgrade. Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok Visited Serbia

The Serbian people met Archpriest Andrew Lemeshonok, the spiritual father of St Elisabeth Convent, with love. Father Andrew visited this country within the frameworks of the Heart 2 Heart Festival organised by our Convent. Although Father Andrew spent just one day in Serbia, he managed to meet His Holiness Irinej,

The Heart 2 Heart Festival in Berlin: An Instant Success

Why does St Elisabeth Convent arrange festivals? What influence do they have on the visitors? We hope to answer these questions by describing the Heart 2 Heart Festival that took place in Berlin on September 21-24. St Elisabeth Convent organised the Heart 2 Heart Festival in the Russian House in

New Year, New Festival

The new festival year has begun. Our team can’t wait to meet our friends again. Right now, we are preparing many small and large events. We would like to make our Festival a feast for everyone. Let’s begin by describing the news and the surprising discoveries that you can expect

Theology in Colour

The Heart 2 Heart Festival continues to help the European audiences discover the amazing art of icon painting. The first workshop session this year will be held on April 24 – 26 in Preston, England (Harris Museum & Art. Gallery Market Square, Preston).  REGISTER NOW Masterpieces made in the Icon

A New Album of the Monastic Choir

A new CD album of the Monastic Choir of St Elisabeth Convent has been released. The album was recorded under the supervision of Nun Juliania (Denisova) We hope that the listeners will enjoy the new album Our Faith with its diverse tracklist, which includes: Church hymns of Byzantine, Macedonian, and

Cute Animals To Cuddle

Is there anyone who doesn’t know how useful equine therapy may be for the sick? Early childhood autism, oligophrenia, and cerebral palsy are hard to treat with traditional methods. Children who suffer from these severe illnesses especially benefit from therapeutic horse riding. In addition to health benefits, the children simply

A Home for the Homeless

The Sisterhood provides rehabilitation for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. In addition to that, we help the homeless or recently released prisoners. There is a rehabilitation centre for men since 2000 in v. Lysaja Hara 19 miles from Minsk. Approx. 200 brothers stay here under the monastic