“I am making everything new!” — m. Maria Bakhvalova sharing her thoughts about God, singing and more…

Matushka Maria Bakhvalova is a new director of St Elisabeth Convent Monastic Choir.  She has successfully worked with many choirs, participated in various international competitions and won multiple prestigious awards. Now she is directing a choir of monastic sisters. Why such an unexpected change, what difficulties does working with a

Being in love with God one needs to sing!

Besides the choirs of St Elisabeth Convent we are well familiar with, there is also the choir “Raduysia” (Rejoice) comprised of the sisters of mercy. The chanters got acquainted in the Minsk School of Theology and Church Music. The head of the choir Veronika Bondarovich says that the choir’s name

Equine Therapy: New Friends, New Treatment

What is equine therapy? Equine therapy (therapeutic horseback riding) is a rehabilitation practice of treating severe psychophysical disorders. It’s successfully used to address the following impairments: infantile autism, Down syndrome, infantile cerebral paralysis, locomotor system dysfunctions, scoliosis, intellectual disability, speech disorders, attention deficit disorder (ADD) / hyperactivity disorder. This rehabilitation

Project “People Around”: Christina Dietl

Christina Dietl is one of the many guests whose story offers to look at St Elisabeth Convent from a different angle. Catholic, born in Austria, Christina studied theology in Greece, Thessaloniki. There she met Orthodox students. After a while she started to attend services in Orthodox churches, and her graduation thesis

Sacred Image in Stone

I am holding an icon in my hands, breathlessly admiring the gleaming stones. The work is so fine that I can hardly believe it is entirely made of stone. Out of fine gemstone powder to be exact. A photograph cannot fully depict depth and diversity of colours, as well as

Not only listening, but also feeling

For the tenth time St Elisabeth Convent took part in the Belgrade International Book Fair, which is the biggest event of the kind at the Balkans. For these ten years our sisters’ participation in the International Book Fair has become a good tradition. The stall of St Elisabeth Convent displayed

Dobrodel: a heart open to the world

Health is more than the absence of illnesses or physical impairments. It is a state of full physical and spiritual comfort, as well as social well-being. According to the research of the World Health Organization (WHO), as of today more than 450 million people on the planet are suffering from

Christmas Fairs on the British Isles 2018

The sisters of St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Belarus) would like to invite you to visit the stalls of our Convent at Christmas Fairs in the UK and Ireland, which will take place from November 16 to December 23, 2018. St Elisabeth Convent has participated in Christmas fairs for many years.

Orthodoxy in the United States

Interview with Sister Margarete (Roeber), a nun at the Holy Assumption Monastery in Calistoga, California With the blessing of her abbess, Mother Melania, Sister Margarete has been on a pilgrimage all over the world, visiting Orthodox communities in Greece, Jerusalem, Georgia, Poland, Estonia, France, England and Russia. She stays for

Art that is Pleasing to God

The History of Russian Embroidery The world of embroidery is amazing, diverse, and exceedingly colorful. If you delve into this world, you’ll see that it’s multifaceted and boundless. The history of Russian embroidery begins in the 9th-10th centuries.  Archaeologists often find lavishly embroidered clothes of those times during excavations. People